Logimic Industrial Control (IoT Cloud Solution)

What it is

Logimic Industrial Control is IoT open source platform for industrial automation and control. It’s like a puzzle from which we build any specific customer application.

It’s a software & hardware IoT puzzle.

For example you are company dealing with industrial heaters or fans and you would like to control your devices remotely, get alerts when something goes wrong, get performance and maintenance data, update your lamp firmware and many others.

Your devices are connected to control gateway via IQRF wireless network. We provide external adaptors or support customer built-in hardware modules. There are many other IQRF interoperable devices you can use like internal/external sensors, power switches and more…

Equip your devices with IQRF transcievers

Edge Control

Gateway gathers data from all devices and sends it to internet. Gateway is small computer and can perform any “edge control” e.g. turns on/off heaters by presence of people in building within night period.

Gateway sends data to Internet and performs edge control.

Gateway program is working even with no internet connectivity. You just need safe power feeding. Gateway hardware has many variants, usually we project hardware by software control demand.

UP2 gateway by Aaeon

The magic is done by writing a simple control logic in Java Script or Typescript language where you define a control logic. The script can be loaded to gateway.

Cloud Services

Cloud ensures communication between gateway and your devices. Cloud applications gather data and provides statistics or perform any operations above data e.g. calculation of lighting time for each light.

Cloud statistics

Cloud can also perform cloud control, typically synchronization of two gateways. Cloud application can also provide detection of alerts, sending alert e-mails or SMS, ensuring log in/out of users and more.

Cloud ensures access, control and data work.

Cloud application can also ensure a firmware upgrade in your devices e.g. you can upgrade thousands of lamps with new firmware by one click.

Control Panels and Dashboards

We provide client applications for you and your customers where you can monitor, manage or program your devices. Choose existing application or define your own design and target platform as web browser, laptop, or mobile application.

Control application

You select from prepared dashboards or define your own unique look of customer dashboard. Customize skin, look, number of tiles, displayed sensors and displayed data selections and more..


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