IQRF Gateway Daemon

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In collaboration with IQRF Tech s.r.o. company we create IQRF gateway software to make interoperable gateway from any hardware around the world.

Gateway from any computer

IQRF Gateway Daemon technology is open source software package allowing to create gateway from any computer with Linux operation system. You just need to connect coordinator IQRF transciever to USB, GPI or SPI interfaces.

Logimic Cloud Commissioning plug-in
Logimic provides Logimic Cloud plug-in for SensConnect RDS commissioning software licensed by RDS Ltd.. This plugin extends SensConnect software with
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IQRF IDE backup and restore
This blog describes how to backup and restore coordinator and nodes of an existing IQRF network Create backup file The
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IQRF IDE remote connect to iqrf-gateway-daemon
This blog describe how to connect IQRF IDE to iqrf-gateway-daemon Install last version of IQRF IDE (4.54 and later).
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PIXLA – Remote connection of Aurora Hub
When you buy Aurora Hub with pre-installed Pixla licence you can easily connect your gateway remotely from anywhere in the
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IQRF Standard Photorezistor Sensor
This example shows how to create “Standard Photorezistor Sensor” that will be immediately recognized and manageable from IOT world thanks
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IQRF DP2P getting started
IQRF introduces DP2P technology which enables to connect every particular IQRF end node directly from another node. In this way
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IQRF Standard Light
This example shows how to create “IQRF Standard light” which means that entire world will know that your device is
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IQRF Dev Board & Gateway
In this post we will show you how to create gateway based IQRF network. Gateway connects whole IQRF mesh and
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Load Custom Code to IQRF
Today we will show how to load custom code into IQRF transciever. Custom DPA Handler is a software routine which is
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IQRF Dev Board – Getting Started
In this post we will show you how to connect IQRF Dev Board to the IQRF network as a node
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