Logimic IoT Control

What it is

Logimic IoT (Internet of Things) Control is a platform with prepared industrial and civil applications in data management, control and automation of industrial devices. The goal of the software platform is to bring an added value to your products and create new businesses opportunities for you.

Typical example is street light manufacturer providing his products with remote control, automatic control of devices programs, daily monitoring, fails detection and more.

Logimic IoT Control merges data business and devices control.

Indoor fans or heater manufacturer providing consumption data, air quality data, predictive analytics and more.

Logimic IoT Control connects your devices to edge gateways and internet cloud platform. Devices with gateway are located at customer facility connected to internet cloud remotely via internet. Customer mobile and control application access remotely to cloud and gateways.

Device connectivity

In collaboration with IQRF Tech and customer electronics designers we ensure effective connection of customer devices to IQRF network and IQRF gateways.

IQRF network is bi-directional mesh network ensuring wireless connectivity of end devices with gateway. IQRF module in end device can provide first level of control autonomy.

Equip your devices with IQRF transcievers

Edge Control

Gateway is small computer and can perform any “edge control” e.g. turns on/off heaters based on people location in building, time period etc.. and ensures connectivity and data sharing with cloud platform.

Gateway performs edge control and shares data with cloud platform.

Gateway program is working even with no internet connectivity. You just need safe power feeding. Gateway hardware has many variants, usually we project hardware by software control demand.

UP2 gateway by Aaeon

The gateway executes control logic program loadable remotely from cloud or user device.

Cloud Services

Cloud ensures many tasks as data storage, data analytics and predictions, execution of high-level program, communication with user control panels and more.

Cloud statistics

Typical cloud activity is a synchronization of two gateways, execution of high-level logic, detection of gateway alerts, sending alert e-mails or SMS, ensuring log in/out of users and more.

Cloud ensures access, control and data work.

Cloud application can also ensure a firmware upgrade in your devices e.g. you can upgrade thousands of lamps with new firmware by one click.

More about Logimic Cloud service..

Control Panels and Dashboards

We provide client applications for you and your customers where you can monitor, manage or program your devices. Choose from existing application or define your own design and target platform as web browser, laptop, or mobile application.

Control application

You select from prepared dashboards or define your own unique look of customer dashboard. Customize skin, look, number of tiles, displayed sensors and displayed data selections and more..



Control of indutrial robot is a pure industrial application. Our system ensures remote connectivity of robot to cloud and with operator, data gathering and analysis, machine state analysis and more. The business goal of the application is to make virtual work space with mutually collaborating machines.

Heating control application is focused on remote control of industrial heaters with vision to provide customers with intelligent features like heating predictions based on outside temperature, time and work shift.

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