Logimic Lighting platform

This platform is for management and control of open-air lighting in villages, cities, industrial complexes and everywhere else.

Target customers are open-air street lamps manufacturers, suppliers and integrators providing this platform with their products. The platform can be branded.

The hardware requirements are open-air lamps equipped with IQRF transciever, IQRF interoperable gateway and internet connectivity (LAN or LTE).

Once hardware installation is ready customer receivers access to web control panel where he can interact with the lamps. Lamps are arranged to streets, city districts or generally areas. Customer sees quick status of each area whether all devices are connected, on/off or if any failure happened.

On the dashboard is also displayed news section where supplier shares any news with customer e.g. planned outages, new products etc.

If any failure occurs then an issue can be tracked. The issue can be continuously updated by both customer and supplier or repair company or supplier.

Customer sees all lights organized by streets or areas and their footprint on the map or web-camera stream.

All devices belonging to the customer can be overseen and filtered via simple web table.

Each lamp has its own records with many pieces of information like name, vendor, date of installation, service next service date and more. The position of the lamp is displayed on the map.

The lamp can be controlled directly by customer. He can turn tit on / off, set dim or initiate service procedure for simple replacing of the lamp within wireless network.

Customer can see any statistics with data. This can be configured to customer’s taste. Data are safely stored in cloud infrastructure.

If you are open-air lamps manufacturer, integrator or supplier, please give us a message to get know how our platform can help to improve your products.

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