SensConnect is a software application from Review Display Systems, Ltd. and coming up from collaboration of Review Display Systems Ltd. and Logimic, s.r.o. The software has been designed for quick and smart commissioning of large amount of wireless devices based on IQRF wireless technology via mobile tablet device.

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Heating Control

For Lersen company we created an intelligent control of Lersen heaters in industrial buildings. Heaters are remotelly connected to control gateway in building and to cloud. System executes user defined program with respect to inside and outside temperature.

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Robot Control

For TG drives company we created a Control systems of 6-axes industrial robot based on Logimic Industrial Control technology. System ensures preparation of trajectories, manual moves, position and speed optimizations and more…

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IQRF Gateway Daemon

In collaboration with IQRF Tech s.r.o. company we create IQRF gateway software to make interoperable gateway from any hardware around the world.

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